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Services Offered

The following are the services offered by Strong Tree Custom Computers. This is not an exhaustive list, and if the desired service does not fall into a predefined service category below, we are always willing to figure out how best to accommodate you.

Warpfield effect towards CPU on motherboard

Computer Repair

We repair all brands of computers. We do local, in-home service calls; however, if the customer is too far away, we can repair it in-shop and then send it back after repairs with the additional cost of shipping. We do not believe in "inflating" the cost of the repair, you pay only for the true cost of repair; no "extra" repairs that were not agreed upon beforehand will be performed. If something unknown is found to be wrong, the customer will be informed, and no service will be performed unless authorized by the customer. If a part is needed, the repair time will be extended to the length of time it takes for shipping the part to the shop, as there is no in-house stock; however, the replacement part(s) will be billed at the Part(s) Ordering rate.

Price = $15.00/hour

One-quarter of Earth on binary background

Web Design

We do basic website layout/design and simple websites. We do not have the latest, or most expensive equipment, but we can work on getting you started. Strong Tree Custom Computers has been doing website design since October 2006. We have done departmental websites for Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming; Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana; and other basic websites.

Price = $25.00 per hour + website hosting costs